Mapping Solution


Geographic Integrated Services Ltd offers mapping services on myriad of areas. We use Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to validate and verify our mapping activities in order to enhance the accuracy and precision of our data. We also make use of current satellite imagery in our mapping operations to ensure to data accuracy.

We map every aspect of human endeavor from poverty mapping, vulnerability mapping to services availability mapping (SAM), we ensure accuracy and precision. For your mapping job today, we are up to the task

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Utility Mapping

We are providers of telecommunication infrastructure data on a Geographic Information System (GIS) platform. Our unique business strategy implements and converges the mapping of telecommunications fiber and other telecommunications infrastructure with GIS and GPS technology.

These two items integrated into one digital data set gives leverage and insight into the competitive metropolitan fiber optic landscape across Nigeria and beyond. Telecommuniation utility such as masts, base stations, towers and cables are our traditional area of operation, which our company referrred to as GeoTelecommunication. We have an unequalled experience iin this aspect of operation.

Our team participated actively in the subscribers demand investigation, road network updating via satellite imagery, allocation of distribution points (DP), and optimal cable routing; all products output in standard CAD format for a major GSM network provider in Ibadan, Nigeria.

We are equally versatile in the mapping of utilities and infrastructre of major public and private organizations. Such mapping activities include power and energy utility (transformers, power lines, pipe lines, oil wells and rigs), water utility (boreholes, water pipes, plants and dams) and transportation utility (bridges, roads, rails etc).

For your mapping job today talk with the expert........ GIS Limited.

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Cartography & Mapping

At GIS Limited, we produced customized maps for our clients for their operations. Such maps include atlas, thematic and various other maps. We also prepared cadastral maps for planning and tax purposes. We equally preapred and produced delinqent, zonining, land use maps. Please explore our Urban Planning section of our service to gain further insight into our mapping activities. The map shown below is a product of our involvement in building and road network mapping conducted for a major GSM network provider in Nigeria.

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Mobile Mapping

  • Automatic Vehicle Tracking & Location Services and Support
    We offer technical support in this area of service, from provision of detailed street level road network map of Nigeria, software customization, provision of hand-held GPS units, location of stolen vehicles on Nigeria map and satellite imagery based on the coordinate signal transmitted by the vehicles to provision of on-site technical support to field crew on vehicle search mission on phone. We provide technical support service to some major players in Automatic Vehicle tracking and Location business in Nigeria.

  • Loading of Maps on GPS compatible Pocket PC and Smart phone.
    We recommend and load mapping facilities on Pocket PC and Smart Phones to enable the users avail themselves of opportunity of trip planning and routing on major Nigerian roads.

  • Real Time Mapping
    We engage in real time mapping of features for different purposes. The purpose may either be for construction or telecommunication. We equally have the facilities to enhance real time mapping. For your mobile mapping need today talk with the expert.